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ISBI Workshop on Neonatal and Adult MR Brain Image Segmentation

The main academic objective of the NEATBrainS15 workshop is to compare and discuss the performance of algorithms in segmenting gray matter, white matter and cerebrospinal fluid in adult and neonatal brain MRI scans, and to discuss the similarities and differences between these two areas of research.

For this issue we invite submission of papers that

  • Present novel segmentation methods evaluated on neonatal (preterm and term born), pediatric or adult MR brain scans;
  • Describe the results and discuss the major issues encountered when applying a novel or already published method to both the neonatal ( and adult ( MR scans;

More information can be found on

Adriënne M. Mendrik, PhD

Ivana Išgum, PhD

Prof. Max A. Viergever

This issue was created the 01-12-2015, the paperdue date is 02-22-2015, the decision date is 03-09-2015, the publication date is 04-16-2015

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