Fuzzy Magnetic Color Image Segmentation and Advanced Edge Detection

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In this paper, color image segmentation based on fuzzy logic has been studied. Anefficient Fuzzy logic inference engine based on magnetic fields has been implemented in this project so as to intelligently extract color information in the given image and classify it into the predominant color pyramid with the help of artificial color magnets. This also forms the basis for the priority based edge detection. Sobel operator is used in this project which is intelligently fused with the result of the above mentioned method to enhance the output so as to obtain a priority based enhanced edge detection output.
Experimental results have demonstrated the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed method after extensive set of color images was tested.

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Categories: Images, Segmentation
Keywords: predominant color, fuzzy, image segmentation, color magnets, magnetic field, sensitivity, color pyramid, Sobel, priority, edge detection
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