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CTest Integration of Sikuli Automated GUI Testing

Schwab, Evan, Gelas, Arnaud, Souhait, Lydie, Rannou, Nicolas, Mosaliganti, Kishore, Megason, Sean
Harvard Medical School
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Published in The MIDAS Journal - Medical Imaging and Computing.
Submitted by Evan Schwab on 2011-06-21 17:31:52.

In order to test our software GoFigure2 for the visualization and the processing of extremely large 3D+t microscopy images, we utilized the visual programming technology Sikuli to automate our GUI testing. We then integrated these Sikuli tests into CTest and used CDash to report the results on a dashboard with the view to test our software automatically every night and detect bugs as soon as they occur. Our rate of releases more than doubled as a result.